Theoretical Chemistry Group

Onno L.J. Gijzeman


Theoretical Chemistry Group
Kruyt Gebouw oost 824
Padualaan 8, Utrecht
P.O.Box 80052, 3508 TB Utrecht
The Netherlands

Phone: +31-30-253-2933
Fax: +31-30-253-7504



1964-1969: Master degree at the University of Amsterdam.

1969-1972: PhD studies at the University of Amsterdam.

1972-1974: Postdoctoral Fellow, The Royal Institution (London). Work on photo-physics and photo-chemistry of organic molecules

1974-1975: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Amsterdam. Work on far infra-red spectroscopy of solids

1975- present: Staff member, Utrecht University.   Physical-chemical research on model bio-membranes (1975-1976), Surface science research on metal and alloy single crystals (1976-1990), The University of Chicago: visiting scientist, Research on adsorption kinetics, Surface science research on flat model catalysts (1990-1998), FOM Institute AMOLF Amsterdam: member of the Thin Film Group 1997




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